Scientific Committee:

Douglas Cato
University of Sydney, Australia

Ross Chapman
University of Victoria, Canada

Jeewoong Choi
Hanyang University, Republic of Korea

Peter Dahl
University of Washington, USA

Stan Dosso
University of Victoria, Canada

Igor Esipov
State University of Oil and Gas, Russia

Kiseon Kim
Gwang-Ju Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea

William Kuperman
University of California, San Diego, USA

Fenghua Li
Institute of Acoustics, P.R. China

Alexander Luchinin
Institute of Applied Physics, Russia

Yuanliang Ma
Northwestern Polytechnic University, P.R. China

Yuri Morgunov
V.I.Il'ichev Pacific Oceanologial Institute, Russia

Jungyul Na
Hanyang University, Korea

Valery Petnikov
General Physics Institute, Russia

Robert Spindel
University of Washington, USA

Wen Xu
Zhejiang University, P.R. China

Renhe Zhang
Institute of Acoustics, P.R. China

Local Committee:

Victor Akulichev, Co-Chair
V.I.Il'ichev Pacific Oceanologial Institute

Alexander Bekker, Co-Chair
Far Eastern Federal University

Vladimir Bulanov
V.I.Il'ichev Pacific Oceanologial Institute

Vladimir Korochentsev
Far Eastern Federal University

Alexey Maksimov
V.I.Il'ichev Pacific Oceanologial Institute

Yuri Morgunov
V.I.Il'ichev Pacific Oceanologial Institute

Pavel Petrov
V.I.Il'ichev Pacific Oceanologial Institute

Lubov' Statsenko
Far Eastern Federal University

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The PRUAC 2015 conference is over! Thanks to all contributors for attending! See You next time in Victoria, Canada at PRUAC 2017! Some photos from the meeting are available here.
You may also like to watch a small piece of video.


The Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) of Vladivostok and V.I. Il'ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute (POI) are responsible for organization of the 5th Pacific Rim Underwater Acoustics Conference. The meeting will be held from 23 to 26 of September 2015 in the campus of the FEFU located on the Russky Island connected to Vladivostok by two newly constructed bridges.



The PRUAC 2015 is entitled “Underwater inhomogeneity: characterization and application”. Every conference attendee will have the opportunity to participate in productive discussions on this specific theme.

Sub topics are including:

  • Acoustical Oceanography
  • Acoustics for Navigation
  • Acoustics of Bubbles
  • Acoustics of Polar Environments
  • Acoustic Tomography
  • Ambient Noise: sources, monitoring and trend
  • Bioacoustics and Fisheries
  • Propagation and Scattering
  • Seismic Oceanography
  • Sound propagation in shallow and deep water
  • Vector Sensors
  • Underwater Communication and Networking
  • Other related topics
   Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions via e-mail:


V.I. Il'ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute| 43 Baltiyskaya st· Vladivostok · Russia · 690041


Supported by:

  Far Eastern Federal University

  V.I.Il'ichev Pacific Oceanologial Institute
  The Russian Acoustical Society

Endorsed by:

  The Acoustical Society of America

  The Canadian Acoustical Association

  The Acoustical Society of China

  Marine Acoustics Society of Japan

  The Acoustical Society of Korea

  Society of Acoustics (Singapore)

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Photos courtesy of Alex Khitrov